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book for sale

The Extraordinary Chemistry of Ordinary Things, 4th Edition

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The Extraordinary Chemistry of Ordinary Things, 4th Edition
Author(s) Carl H. Snyder (Univ. of Miami)
ISBN-10 0471415758
ISBN-13 9780471415756
List Price $124.00
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Book Condition
Very good
Comments about the book
great condition... minimal highlighting, normal wear/tear, great price for what usually is a very expensive book... great deal and a great buy... Designed for a one or two term course at the freshman or sophomore level, this introductory text is intended for non-majors.  Snyder’s unique approach uses consumer products to illustrate chemical principles.  The text is known in the field for its strong consumer emphasis.  By addressing many of the resulting issues from a societal perspective, Snyder shows his readers how chemistry affects their lives.  Real life applications help construct a knowledge base from which to better understand core concepts and to make informed decisions.
Class Title
School Name
college of dupage
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I can meet you in the school cafeteria or library, or I can send you the book threw the mail.
How to Buy
Please send me a message via the message board to arrange a meeting. I also accept checks, after your check clears I will send the book...
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