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The Book Exchange Network
book exchange help

book exchange help

The Book Exchange Network (TBXN) is a unique online platform which connects students from different schools and helps them sell their used textbooks directly to each other. TBXN is FREE and is here to help education more affordable.

List your books at no charge, and use the internal Message Center to communicate with other students to keep your email safe. You will receive an email notification when someone tries to contact you.

How book exchange works

  • Seller posts a book
  • Buyer finds the book
  • Both parties arrange a meeting through our secure and confidential Message Center
  • Parties meet and complete the transaction

Spread the word

The more who know about book exchange, the more everyone saves. Help spread the word... encourage your friends to post their used books. Ask your professors to mention TBXN in their classes or make a direct link to books at TBXN.

Privacy Policy

Please see our security & privacy section on how our Message Center keeps your email and other contact information secure
Adopt a Book Exchange program
Would you like to sponsor or setup a book exchange program for your school? We can help... and at no charge. Feel free to contact us.


  • It's free
  • It's secure
  • Used books are cheaper
  • No shipping cost
  • No middle man
  • Search by zip code to find the best prices in your area
  • Receive the book quickly and in person
  • Get tips from seller about the book


Custom Flyers
  • Print free custom flyers directly from the browser
  • Select create flyer from the book exchange menu

  • History

    Offline book exchange programs have been in place in various colleges and universities for decades. After the invent of the World Wide Web, some offline book exchange programs added an online component. TBXN's development was initiated as a result of personal need of its founder for his students. Today, many colleges and universities have adopted various forms of book exchange programs and other means to improve textbook affordability.


    Our philosophy is simple - help education, help the world. A major factor in education is affordability, and textbook affordability is a major cause of hardship among students. So here's The Book Exchange Program, free of charge.

    Start selling your old books today... it's easy, and it's free.