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Gallery of Music rubrics. Access a list of public rubrics made by our members. Copy rubrics to your zone. Bookmark rubrics for future use Build, share, exchange, and reuse rubrics. Find rubrics by category and type.

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1 rubric Class Participation       popup preview  
This rubric will evaluate the participation of a student based on preparedness, behavior, and attitude.

Grade levels:   9-12  
2 rubric American Musical Theater Presentation       popup preview  

Grade levels:   9-12  
3 rubric Rhythm Reading       popup preview  
I understand rhythms and their values. I can perform a given rhythm by speaking the rhythm syllables.

Grade levels:   6-8  
4 rubric MRA VOCAL EVALUATIONS       popup preview  

Grade levels:  
5 rubric Remix Project       popup preview  
You will compose a remix using your personal taste and ear.

Grade levels:   K-5   6-8  
6 rubric Big Challenge Body Systems and Food       popup preview  

Grade levels:   K-5   9-12  
7 rubric TV Commercial       popup preview  
Students will create a television commercial for their subject

Grade levels:   Undergrad  
8 rubric Group Show Project Evaluation/Class Performance       popup preview  
Rubric for assessing color guard group show class project routines.

Grade levels:   9-12  
9 rubric Color Guard First Term       popup preview  
Rubric for assessing color guard routines.

Grade levels:   9-12  
10 rubric Music Listening Journal Rubric       popup preview  
Students will use this rubric for their daily journal entries as well as in class writing prompts.

Grade levels:   9-12  
11 rubric Musical Theatre Performance Review       popup preview  
Assessment of Musical Theatre Rehearsal

Grade levels:   9-12  
12 rubric Musical Theatre Rehearsal       popup preview  
Assessment of Musical Theatre Rehearsal

Grade levels:   9-12  
13 rubric Story Board for TV Commercial       popup preview  
Students will create a story board for a TV commercial. Story board contains 6-8 pages in a illustrated panel.

Grade levels:   9-12  
14 rubric Face Off       popup preview  
Creative Mask Decorating

Grade levels:   6-8   9-12  
15 rubric Marching Band Marching Techniques Rubric for achievement goa       popup preview  
Rubric for Visual Quarterly Assessment

Grade levels:   9-12  
16 rubric Marine Article Review       popup preview  
Rubric for grading written article reviews.

Grade levels:   Undergrad  
17 rubric Mr. Ambassador Pageant       popup preview  

Grade levels:   Undergrad  
18 rubric Orchestra Class Participation Rubric       popup preview  
Daily Participation Rubric for Orchestra classes. Reflects daily orchestra attitude, participation, engagement, playing technique, ability to respond to musical direction, and responsibility for bringing needed materials to class.

Grade levels:   6-8   9-12  
19 rubric Celebrating Cultures       popup preview  
In your group create a dance routine to music. The dance should reflect the students' interpretation of Indonesian cultural dance.

Grade levels:   6-8  
20 rubric Murder Mystery Performance Rubric       popup preview  
Students are to make are to create a murder mystery show, no longer than 30m. They are to dress in character and act in character at all times.

Grade levels:   6-8