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Use iRubric to build rubrics and access them from anywhere, create grade books and use rubrics for easy grading, distribute rubrics to students, and much more .
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Building a simple rubric
click to play 'Building a simple rubric' (high resolutions)
This video explains how to build a simple rubric with three rows and three columns. You'll learn how to set the basic settings and enter titles for criteria and level as well as rubric descriptors. 
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Adding Rows and Columns
click to play 'Adding Rows and Columns' (high resolutions)
iRubric gives the option to add unlimited number of rows and columngs. This video shows how to easily add rows and columns to a rubric. 
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Rearranging a Rubric
click to play 'Rearranging a Rubric' (high resolutions)
iRubric allows fluid structures. Rows and columns of a rubric can be easily rearranged. This video shows how to move rows and columns of a rubric and rearrange its structure. 
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Working with Criteria Weights
click to play 'Working with Criteria Weights' (high resolutions)
Rubric criteria can have different weights based on their importance. This video shows how to assign different weights to criteria to have a higher level of control over the score. 
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Scoring with Rubrics
click to play 'Scoring with Rubrics' (high resolutions)
Grading with iRubric takes a few seconds per student, and all the math is done for you. This video shows how to score rubrics with our easy-to-use Click2GradeTM technology. 
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Analyzing Rubric Statistics
click to play 'Analyzing Rubric Statistics' (high resolutions)
iRubric takes reporting to the next level by providing you with an unmatched aggregate report. This video shows how to access and analyze rubric statistics for a class. 
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